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Destiny Indicator

Destiny Indicator purposes to contribute to the bigger picture of the ongoing development of nations, people groups – to the core of societies.

Father God has a dream; the realisation of that dream lies not only in the purpose of an individual, but in the redemptive destiny for every nation.

When leaders in the nation don’t walk in what God is saying for the nation, they will “circle around” until they die in the “desert” of circumstances and leave another generation to attempt to lead accurately, aligning the nation in understanding and living what God has for that nation and its people with its Prophetic Redemptive Destiny. This nation comes into destiny – “with God in Canaan”.

We believe that “Destiny Indicator” is not a new bible or doctrine, but merely supplies a piece of a puzzle – may this piece help you as leaders and people to see the bigger picture for your nation, a nation of God. May the prophetic word that is released over your nation bring more articulation and definition on how to practically live His purposes out as a Heavenly Mandate.

We believe the prophetic must be submitted to a local congregation that forms part of a larger body in accountability and oversight. Destiny Indicator does submit the prophetic words over the nations and events documented on this website to a local church submitted to a larger body for oversight and accountability.

We have omitted ministry names for the sake of wisdom regarding the words that are published, as these words could have radical effects and responses in and by nations.

We have the faith that God the Father by the finished work of Christ through the Holy Spirit will continue the work through His church in the perspective of prophetic evangelism – John 4:18.